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Upon successful completion of this program, I will earn an M.S. in School career in the field of education has been a part of my plans since my early teen years. and feel it is excellent preparation for my future role as a school psychologist.

OCW would be the perfect fit… And in the process, more students will learn about the site. Students need to know that these things are available. I downloaded a course outline on this, and also some review questions, and these helped me gain a deeper understanding of the material. For one thing, he is a licensed commercial diver, and once worked as a professional diver for eight months with Titan Maritime, and as the trainer for commercial Diving with the Divers Institute of Technology, in Seattle, Washington.

Morales loved his underwater work, but quickly decided that he was more interested in underwater inspection than in commercial diving. You can use different methods, like X-rays, testing magnetic particles, and ultrasonic.

It fits in well with my background in metallurgical engineering. The projects for Course Morales acknowledges that some of the same ideas he has found on MIT OCW are probably also available in the Central University library, in books or journals. Sometimes we discuss the information, other times they use the slides from the site in class. They use OCW to download information for poor people on technology, or humanities, or other areas. This has allowed a lot of people to access this information who might otherwise have been unable to do so.

OCW has enormous potential for our country. As a student of education, Adams is a staunch believer in the potential of the Internet to help students of all levels and backgrounds achieve educational success outside of the traditional classroom. As an example, Adams again cites Dr. It holds my attention, unlike most math books, which generally are very cut-and-dried. But he makes it so that people can start to learn, and enjoy math, and be successful overall. He gives people hope. Khan, who is specializing in digital signal processing and adaptive filters, is about to begin a thesis on adaptive beam-forming, a process that has applications in radar, speech, and acoustic signal processing, and which distinguishes between the spatial properties of signal and noise.

Shoaib Ahmed Khan, one of his professors during his undergraduate study at the National University of Sciences and Technology. Khan found the site incredibly useful, especially as a supplement to his existing courses. OCW has been an important alternate source of information.

I have found OCW really helpful as I prepare to write my thesis. It sets a standard. Recently, however, she found herself focusing more on the behavior of water than of earth. During the spring semester, Karamitsou completed an intensive research project on different aspects of hydraulics, including water handling, the water cycle, reservoirs, filter banks, gates, and dams.

As she began work on the project, Karamitsou realized that she needed outside sources to bolster her research, and recalled that she had once heard about information being available on the MIT Web site. So I sent an email to MIT, asking them to help me — and they did. They told me where to search for information on the site, and which courses to look for, and it was very helpful. It helped me a lot; I learned many, many things. I especially liked the fact that I saw many diagrams there. I was able to find almost the same information at my own university, but it was more theoretical.

Sometimes I have a hard time with the theoretical style, and having all the information in mathematical style was very informative, and very helpful. Empowering Minds Student Use It helped me a lot. Sometimes I have a hard time with the theoretical style, and having all the information in mathematical style was very helpful. Bar-Ilan, which is situated on a acre campus in Ramat Gan, outside of Tel Aviv, has grown by 90 percent over the last nine years, and now boasts more than 32, students.

Especially the Walter Lewin lectures. Last semester I used mechanics, Course 8.

And not only in physics: I also used Course 7. But the video lectures are fantastic.

[Level Discipline] Sample topic question

I find that the level of physics work here at Bar Ilan is maybe even a higher level than at MIT, in the sense that the questions we are assigned are more difficult. But in terms of the teaching, the MIT lecturers are just extraordinary.

The MIT lecturers are just extraordinary. I opened it up, and searched for video lectures, and there they were, in different categories like physics, and mathematics, and even the English language. They were pretty cool! It worked: he admits, when pressed, that he did very well on his high school physics exam.

MIT OpenCourseWare news and information.

These lectures were harder for him to grasp, as he had not been exposed to the material in high school. But he still enjoyed them… and years later, when taking linear algebra at the University of Latvia, Krumins returned to the video lectures to give them another try.

Krumins has also revisited the Lewin lectures while at the University of Latvia. It was really great: I listened to the lectures at our university, and then I went home, opened up the media player, and watched the lecture again. It was also great to get more familiar with the terms in English. On torque, for example, he did a very clear demonstration with the wheel that showed that if he turned the wheel to the left, the motion will be in the opposite direction if he stands on a rotating wheel.

It was great — I listened to the lectures at our university, and then went home and watched the MIT lecture. It helped me understand some of the difficult concepts, and to get familiar with the English terms. So while Ryan has had frequent and intensive meetings with his supervisor on his thesis topic, he has had little opportunity to attend lectures on core subjects.

Making the Difference in Differential Equations

Because of this, he has occasionally struggled to find clear explanations for complex mathematical concepts. Although Ryan was intrigued by what he saw there, he initially gave the Web site little more than a cursory glance. Several weeks later, though — in the midst of his literature review — he found himself stuck on the concept of differential equations. He immediately watched the Course I had always intended to pursue math to a post-graduate level, but felt a little intimidated by it.

If the difficult stuff can be explained this clearly, maybe it won't be as difficult as I had imagined. The level was just right, too. They made very fair assumptions about prerequisite knowledge, erring on the side of caution, if anything. I've already shown a friend of mine the material, and I have another few people in mind whom I know will appreciate the resource. I had always intended to pursue math at a post-graduate level, but felt a little intimidated by it.

In fact, he credits these lectures with changing his whole outlook on education.

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I take a blank piece of paper and try to answer a fundamental question or problem. If I can't, I put it to a friend. When that breaks down, we turn to books or to someone more able. As a result, I feel more like a physicist, and that makes me feel more confident.

MIT OpenCourseWare Case Study Slides

Maybe study is the wrong word. I don't study my notes as much anymore. When he told his then eight-year-old son about this combination of mechanical engineering, electronic engineering, and computer engineering, Lara's interest was immediate. His father worked hard to foster his enthusiasm for learning, and as Lara grew older, he knew he would make a career of engineering. But he learned another important lesson from his father: he should do all he could to inspire learning in others. He spent hours reading and exploring the site, making connections between what he already knew and what he still had to learn.

The HPEA is working with the Entrepreneurship Program of the University so students can develop their projects and ultimately create businesses around them. But OCW was comprehensive. Not just a couple of exercises, or one or two videos. It had all of those things and described the theory behind the concepts. I always knew I wanted be in applied math or science in college. I thought, 'I can handle this! Sheikh believes students focus too much on grades and just getting through the next test.

That might seem a surprising choice after engineering school, but Sheikh says it makes perfect sense.